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Pain Management



Revolutionary interventional treatments and procedures

Dr. John Michels continues to provide the most advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments of back pain through comprehensive physical examination along with spinal pain mapping procedures. When physical examination or imaging studies fail to determine the etiology of pain, Dr. Michels will provide spinal pain mapping techniques through selective nerve root blocks, medial branch nerve blocks of the facet joints, sacroiliac joint injection, peripheral nerve blocks, provocative discography and sympathetic blocks in the diagnosis of low back pain of undetermined etiology.


Pain Mapping

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Use of treatment modalities including TENS/Ultrasound/hot packs/cold therapy
  4. Behavioral Modification (psychological evaluation to include pain coping skills, biofeedback, hypnosis, relaxation techniques)
  5. Manipulative Therapy (Adjustments through osteopathic, physical or chiropractic therapy)
  6. Aerobic exercise, massage, stretching
  7. Coadjuvant pain medications including NSAID’s, muscle relaxants, and nerve pain medications


A multidisciplinary approach to patients’ chronic pain

Through conservative and interventional procedures, my goal as a pain management doctor is to minimize dependence of opiods, improve quality of life, improve function, and improve pain coping skills so the patient may better adapt to their daily activities and get back to their normal daily function.


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